Me & My Community Photography Exhibition
to Sep 29

Me & My Community Photography Exhibition

Skaped Presents 'Me & Me Community' a collective work exploring community issues.


Join us for 'Me & My Community' Photography opening evening exhibition.

We're excited to have worked with young people across London on a collection of Photography composed in 6 weeks on the theme of community and human rights. The young people explored issues from gentrification to mental health and climate change.

Young people:

  • Samar Abdel-rahman

  • David Adesanya

  • Tiffany Carpenter

  • Takia kinsey

  • Mirela Maxhuni

  • Kinga Pilarska

You'll also hear from the Skaped team - Sandy Abdelrahman and Renée de Nève and see their own projects that they have created!



Skaped: Understand The Unspeakable

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 Arts & Rights
10:00 AM10:00

Arts & Rights

Do you like drawing/ painting?

For Human Rights awareness, we are inviting talented artists to each do a piece of art inspired by a prompt. The activity will be recorded and you will be asked about your inspiration and thought process. The whole project revolves around you and other artists responding to a stimulus; i.e. quote or statement that we give you for inspiration - and you may use it in any way you wish to guide your creative process. 

Do get in touch if you believe you'd enjoy being part of this project!

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