Students and Youth march against climate change

On Friday the 15th February hundreds of students and youth went on strike and marched through the streets of London and demanded actions to be taken to tackle climate change. 

In October 2018, the World's Health Organisation had released a statement stating that we have only 12 years to limit the climate change catastrophe. However, no measures have been taken since the announcement to deal with the crisis. With the rise of heatwaves (which caused the death of 650 people last year in the U.K alone), to the increase of flooding, air pollution-related diseases, the melting of the north pole, animal extinction and other environmental issues. We need to act now. 

Youth strike 4 climate didn't only take part in London but all around the world. Outside 10 downing street, we witnessed children as young as 6 year old asking for their future to be saved. They demand that politicians take action and implement the Paris agreement of 2016 which "establishes a global warming goal of well below 2C on pre-industrial averages and to defines a universal, legal framework to ‘strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change”

Here are the youth's voices


“We're protesting against the fact that the U.K government has not taken any action to tackle climate change.I hope today will help because we're the future. As you can see, all these young people here and in 50 years time we're the ones who will be affected, not Theresa May” 17 years old Liz & Sha


" We're protesting against climate change, it's going to affect our future because it affects the state we're living in. We hope the government will start to think about it and starts to do changes" 11- 13 years old school students