January Women's March in London

On Saturday the 19th of January, we marched with thousands of women across London against austerity in the United Kingdom. The march was organised by Women's March London to implicate the 1912 bread and roses for workers’ rights for women. People from diverse communities, backgrounds, genre, age and race all joined the #WeAreChange campaign.

With the continuous changes in taxation and benefit cuts around 86% of the austerity has fallen hard on women from 2010-2017 specifically the working class women. According to the Guardian nearly £7 million has been cut from refuges for vulnerable women and children. This means that across the U.K, there is an estimate of 2,053 women and 2,202 children unable to access a a refuge services.

The march saw women taking a stand for different causes, from be it to demand a 50:50 Parliament, period poverty in the UK, rape consent and many more while chanting "We March, We Fight".

We have spoken to a few women from the march and asked them their opinion and reason for attending.

Jay from Curlture UK @curltureuk

"It's my second time attending the Women's march and I'm glad to see a lot more diversity than last year and in versus in terms of diverse causes as well. This march is to let people know what's wrong at the moment, we still have inequality here and issues with the Bame pay gap; black women are the least payout of everyone when they graduate. There still problems just because you see us in the train doesn't mean we're happy in content right now"

Lily & Catherin - Mother and Daughter @lilyjanejackman

"I'm here to support fighting against period poverty, it's a big problem in the U.K at the moment. I hope people will start paying attention to us, especially with period poverty; menstruation is still a big taboo and I hope people will start opening the conversation and discourse surrounding it. The diverse today has been great, I'm here with my mum and I have seen a lot of mothers and daughter, families, dad; it's wonderful to see the massive turnout"

Claudia Dinescu - A refugee from Romania

"I want equal rights, I'm a refugee from Romania and we don't have equal rights, this is my first time attending a women's march and it's amazing, an experience I can't explain. I hope this march will change the vision that everyone has rights, and that it will get more and more people involved"