Who we are!

What we do

We raise awareness of human rights issues and challenges as a way to inspire young people to become actively engaged in social and political matters around the world, as well as at their doorstep.

Our mission is to work with young people, and for them to take ownership of their human rights and provide a platform in which they develop confidence to realise their power and gives them a voice. We do this through creative arts workshops that use storytelling, filmmaking, and performance, to widen young people's understanding and respect of human rights.

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Teach to question everything

We believe that education is a political tool, and to not educate individuals about their human rights is therefore to make them passive about the issue. To create good citizens we must enable young people to feel empowered by giving them more freedom to question content, and especially expose them to events which make them well-rounded and critically engaged citizens of the world. Skaped is an inclusive movement that uses social media to spread our message #Skaped


The Team

Our Skaped team work together in delivering the ideal workshops, they use their experiences and skills to pass on their knowledge.



Sandy is a creative entrepreneur and a filmmaker, born and raised in Egypt. An activist fights for human rights issues from gender equality to discrimination and racism. Represented the U.K at the UN Youth Summit in New York.   



Brazilian educator with special interest in representative democracy and human rights. Volunteered at Amnesty International's education programme, currently state leader (Santa Catarina) of Movimento Acredito in Brazil.